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  • Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

    A conviction comes with a host of repercussions beyond just jail time and fines. There are a variety of other collateral consequences that result from convictions. These include: Loss of reputation. You work hard to earn a good reputation among friends, family, and members of the community. A conviction could damage this reputation. Difficulty finding employment. Many employers will not hire ...
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  • Can Prescription Adderall Get Me in Trouble?

    Adderall is a drug that is commonly prescribed to treat ADHD, but because it is cheap and relatively easy to obtain, many people use the drug outside of its intended purpose to improve stamina, increase concentration, and stave off tiredness. Because of its addictive qualities and potential for abuse, Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance, which means that anyone found in possession of ...
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  • How to Avoid DUI during the Holidays

    With the holiday season arriving, Philadelphia police see an increase drunk driving incidents. According to MADD , 10,265 people were killed, and 290,000 people were injured in drunk driving accidents. Don’t be another statistic! Before you head out for another Christmas or New Year’s party, read these tips on how to avoid a DUI during the holidays and share them with your family and friends. Plan ...
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  • Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in PA?

    DUI checkpoints have been used by law enforcement as an anti-DUI tool in Pennsylvania for many years. While some believe they are an effective tool for preventing DUI accidents, injuries, and deaths, other believe they are unconstitutional. Their constitutionality has been argued in several cases and based off legal precedence; they are legal provided they follow specific guidelines. Pennsylvania ...
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  • College Students with Adderall Possession Charges

    The stresses of college life can leave many college students feeling overworked, overstressed and over scheduled. With pressures to succeed coming from both parents and job markets, many students turn to Rx stimulants to help manage their lives and get ahead. According to new research published by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, 20 percent of college students report abusing prescription ...
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  • DUI Can Affect Your College Life

    For many college underclassmen, alcohol is a part of their lifestyle. You work hard during the week, attend as many extracurricular activities as you can, and let loose with your friends after your Thursday class ends. Although most people understand the heavy fines, jail time, and possible license suspension associated with a DUI conviction, many students are unaware of the lasting impact a DUI ...
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  • Krasner & Long, LLC Advocates for Free Speech Protection

    The City of Philadelphia initially had plans to resurrect a former prison, Holmesburg Prison, to house protestors at the Democratic National Convention. Krasner & Long, LLC and several other attorneys have been advocating to protect free speech rights , particular for the protestors. Attorney Krasner was recently featured on NBC Philadelphia, in disagreement over the city’s plans to prepare ...
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  • Krasner & Long, LLC Fights to Lessen Criminal Penalties for Political Demonstrators

    Krasner & Long, LLC recently appeared in news articles for The Declaration , CBS Philly , and Newswire , discussing a case that had been settled against the City of Philadelphia. A statute that would criminally penalize anyone who is protesting or otherwise participating in a demonstration that would. The “Occupy Philly” Movement Four years ago, a group of 25 people camped out just outside City ...
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  • Police Admit They Disguised Spy Truck as a Google Streetview Car:

    A van which had been altered to resemble a Google Maps vehicle was acknowledge to have been conducting surveillance on behalf of the Philadelphia Police Department. Read more here .
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  • Dismissed Assault Case Shows DA Ignores Perjury

    Our firm recently represented a client who had been charged with assault. It was later revealed the client's accusers had been lying under oath. Read the full story here: https://phillydeclaration.org/2016/06/03/attorney-dismissed-assault-case-shows-da-ignores-perjury/
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  • Attorney Larry Krasner To Represent LeSean McCoy

    On Thursday, Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Larry Krasner was retained to represent Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, along with attorney Dennis Cogan, after the former Eagle was allegedly involved in a nightclub assault in the early morning of Sunday, February 7 th . According to a statement released the following day, two off-duty police officers (both 40-year-old black men) were ...
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  • Why Would Criminal Charges Be Dropped or Dismissed?

    Criminal charges do not always lead to a trial. They are not "set in stone," so to speak. Criminal charges may be altered, added on to, or even dismissed. Charges may be dismissed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, new evidence in a case leads to a different development of culpability. In other cases, prosecutors may find that criminal charges are exaggerated or overblown. For more reasons as to ...
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  • What Happens If You Cannot Pay Your Criminal Fines?

    Criminal fines are monetary penalties that are assessed after a criminal defendant has been convicted of a crime. Many state and federal criminal laws allow the judge handing down the sentence to order the defendant to pay a fine as a punishment for a crime. This fine may act as the singular form of punishment, or it may be combined with an incarceration penalty. For some criminal convictions, a ...
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  • Can I Get in Trouble for Accidentally Downloading Child Pornography?

    Tired after a long day of work or classes, you sit down with your laptop to unwind with some mindless web browsing. You're surfing around, munching on a snack, one eye on your smartphone, not paying too much attention to what you're doing. You click on a link or download a file, thinking it will lead you to that one movie or TV show you've been meaning to check out - but to your horror, you ...
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  • What Are Plea Bargains and How Do They Work?

    Hollywood courtroom dramas would have you believe that criminal cases always end with the judge pronouncing a verdict. In reality, the vast majority of cases are actually resolved through plea bargaining, also referred to as making a plea deal or plea agreement. In this article, our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys will explain some basic rules about how plea bargaining works in ...
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