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Although at times it may appear so, police officers are not above the law. They can be held accountable for their actions to the same degree that every citizen can. In fact, this accountability for their actions is necessary to maintain a fair and just police force.

If you believe you have a civil rights claim, do not hesitate to contact Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers Krasner & Long immediately, as there may be a variety of opportunities at your disposal.

Protecting Citizens from Police Brutality in Philadelphia

Krasner & Long have a long-standing history of success defending victims of police brutality in both criminal and civil cases. Their most recent victory in this area of law was the case of Askia Sabur, a Philadelphia man who was viciously beaten by police officers and then promptly arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, among other charges. Due to the expert counsel of experienced Philadelphia civil litigation lawyers Krasner & Long, Askia Sabur was acquitted of all charges.

If you are a victim of police brutality in Philadelphia, please contact us to reach the Philadelphia lawyers Krasner & Long today!