Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia

When we are brought in during the early stages of a criminal investigation, our Philadelphia-based lawyers will work as a team to thoroughly investigate the facts and promptly advise the client about every important developement. Our experience has taught us how to best navigate difficult and complex situations as attorneys, including relations with the government, witnesses, opposing lawyers, and issues of publicity and public disclosures.

We strongly believe that effective representation against a prosecution requires not only knowledge of criminal statutes and rules, but also requires lawyers that have extensive experience and longstanding relationships with the offices and agencies that enforce them.

How We Can Assist You

When representing either an individual or an organization, it requires a lawyer who knows how to cooperate effectively, how to mount a vigorous defense, and when to do one and not the other. The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Krasner & Long have a proven track record of properly advising our clients, as well as the capabilities and talent to put our advice into action.

When seeking a lawyer for a criminal defense matter in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties, it is imperative that knowledge of and experience in the justice system are foremost in your search criteria. The Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Krasner & Long go beyond meeting these standards and offer an unparalleled level of advice, responsiveness, and representation to our clients. If you believe that you are in a situation that requires the counsel of experienced criminal defense attorneys, please take a moment to fill out our case evaluation form.

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